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bs8, p, y, sti, 72l, x2, Kelly – Luxeln

Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco ommodo consequat.

Monday to Friday: 9-20
Saturday to Sunday: closed


Traditional Classic

SKU: GBKB-001 Category:


Attached seat cushions
Saddle stitches
Maple wood with umber stain
Satin finish
Shown in antique brass nails
Antique brass leg cap 4”

* All our seat cushions are made of foam.
* Available in all fabrics & leather from LuxeLn catalog.
* Glides under bench legs.
* Nails available: antique brass, satin nickel & antique bronze.
* Price may vary depend on the grade of fabric and leather.


For all upholstery options and details refer to your LuxeLn retailer


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