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stc, Garbo – Luxeln

Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco ommodo consequat.

Monday to Friday: 9-20
Saturday to Sunday: closed


Modern Classic

SKU: GSGA-002 Category:


Attached back
Tufted back & loose seat cushions
Raised on tapered legs (same as GSGA-001)
Welt piping
No nails added

* Umber & walnut finish are our standard for the legs.
* All our seat cushions are made of foam & feather.
* Available in all fabrics & leather from LuxeLn catalog.
* All our fabrics are water repalant.
* Back cushions are made of “dacrom feather”.
* Available with nails added upon request with an up-charge of 175$.
* Price may vary depend on the grade of fabric and leather.


For all upholstery options and details refer to your LuxeLn retailer


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